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Moving to Peachland: Part 3

Peachland Health & Safety Amenities

Access to health and safety amenities becomes increasingly more important as we get older. As many of those moving to Peachland are retirees, it's valuable to know what's available with regard to health and safety amenities before moving. If you're thinking about moving to Peachland, BC, Peachland's health and safety amenities are quite typical of an average small town -- a few pharmacies, a community policing force, fire department, dentist office and a few other amenities. Additional health and safety amenities can be accessed in the nearby metropolitan areas of Westbank, West Kelowna (a 10-15 minute drive from Peachland) and Kelowna (about a 30 minute drive from Peachland). This post will outline these amenities in more detail so you will know what's available before you decide if a move to Peachland is right for you.

Health Amenities in Peachland

Medical Clinics in Peachland

Beach Avenue Medical Clinic, Peachland's sole medical clinic, recently closed due to the main physician/ medical director retiring and no other physicians stepping up to take his place, but the clinic may reopen in the future if a new medical director and physicians can be found to take placements there. The District of Peachland is exploring ways to help organizations recruit a medical director to take over. In the meantime, there are family doctors in nearby Westbank and West Kelowna accepting new patients. Visit the Central Okanagan Divisions of Family Practice website for an excellent list of all of the family practice and walk-in clinics in the area.

Dental Care in Peachland

Where Peachland lacks in medical care it makes up for in dental care as Peachland is home to one of the largest family dental practices in the Okanagan, the Peachland Dental Centre (4405 3rd St., Peachland).

Operating in Peachland since 1993, Peachland Dental Centre offers family-friendly dental care, cosmetic services, orthodontics, and more.

Ambulance Service in Peachland

There is a s BC Emergency Health Services ambulance service station in Peachland (Station #342, 4479 3 St., Peachland) providing the public with emergency pre-hospital treatment and transportation.

Pharmacies in Peachland

There are two pharmacies in Peachland: Peachland Pharmacy (5848 Beach Ave., Peachland), located in Peachland's city centre, and Okanagan Pharmacy, located off of Highway 97 in the Peachland Village Mall (#24 - 5500 Clements Crescent, Peachland).

Operating in Peachland since 1974, Peachland Pharmacy offers full medication reviews, vaccinations, on-site blood pressure monitoring, specialty compounding, and other pharmaceutical services. Their location on Beach Ave. offers a variety of over-the-counter medications, home health care products and rentals on medical equipment.

Recently established in 2016, the Okanagan Pharmacy Remedy’sRx is a community pharmacy that also offers online pharmacy services with Canada-wide free shipping. In addition to prescription fills, refills, and medication counseling, their physical location in the Peachland Village Mall offers medication reviews, travel medication consultations, specialty compounding, vaccinations (including travel vaccines), blood pressure monitoring, over the counter medications, home health care products, and more.

Home Health Care Providers in Peachland

Mhel's Senior Services (#137 - 4000 Trails Pl., Peachland) offers in-home health care services to seniors in Peachland and throughout the Central Okanagan.

Other Health-Related Practitioners in Peachland

The satellite clinic to KLO Chiropractic in Kelowna, Peachland Lakeside Chiropractic & Massage Therapy (4403 2nd St., Peachland) provides Peachland residents with quality chiropractic care and massage therapy. Massage therapy services are also offered at Restoration Station Massage Therapy (#105B - 4200 Beach Ave., Peachland).

Hospitals Near Peachland

The closest hospitals to Peachland residents are Kelowna General Hospital (2268 Pandosy St., Kelowna) - about a 25-30 minute drive by car from Peachland, and Penticton Regional Hosptial (550 Carmi Ave., Penticton) - about a 30-35 minute drive by car from Peachland. Both provide 24/7 emergency care and a wide variety of health care services. Visit the Interior Health Authority website for a full range of hospital services and amenities.

Safety Amenities in Peachland

Policing in Peachland

Peachland Community Policing consists of volunteers from the community who assist the RCMP in keeping the community safe. They operate the community policing station (4440 – 5th St., Peachland), conduct neighbourhood and speed watch, coordinate the Seniors Contact Program, assist in stolen auto recovery and child I.D., among other assignments. Peachland is otherwise policed by the West Kelowna Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment (2390 Dobbin Rd., West Kelowna. 24/7 Non-Emergency Phone: 250-768-2880). Peachland residents can call 911 in the event of a health or safety emergency.

Peachland Fire & Rescue Service

Established in 1909, the Peachland Fire Department (Station 21, 4401 3rd St., Peachland) is a paid, on-call fire department providing emergency assistance in the event of fires, vehicle accidents, first responder medical emergencies, rescues and HAZMAT emergencies. They also provide fire safety education and station tours to community and school groups as well as the general public. In addition to their emergency responder and education duties, members of the Peachland Fire Department maintain the Peachland Ice Rink (Mountain View Park, 5380 Princeton Ave., Peachland), play an instrumental role in the operation of Peachland's Annual Rubber Ducky Race, and bring Christmas greetings to residents each year by means of Fire Truck Christmas Caroling.

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